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The Code of Conduct at École Poirier Elementary is designed to maintain an understanding of acceptable behaviours that foster respect for the integrity of the individual, the rights of persons in our school, and the responsibility of the whole community.

Members of a safe, caring and orderly school community demonstrate:

  • Safety for themselves and for others
  • Respect for themselves, for others, and for the school as a whole
  • Responsibility for themselves, for others, and for the school as a whole


Safe, caring and orderly schools do not tolerate acts of:

  • Bullying, harassment, threat and intimidation;
  • Violence of any form;
  • Verbal, physical or sexual abuse;
  • Discrimination, especially based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation (BC Human Rights Code);
  • Theft, and
  • Vandalism


To this end, members of the École Poirier Elementary community will:

  • Comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws, and with school and district policy and regulations.
  • Value and encourage learning and working environments that are inclusive and respectful of the diverse social and cultural needs of our community.
  • Treat one another with dignity and respect.
  • Refrain from engaging in, or encouraging acts of violence of any form.
  • Show care and regard for school property and the property of others.
  • Take appropriate measures to help those in need, and
  • Respect those in positions of authority.


Members of the École Poirier Elementary school community can help make the school’s Code of Conduct come to life by JOINing IN:

  • Jump into learning
  • Open your minds
  • Investigate your world
  • Neighbours working together
  • Imagine the possibilities
  • Never give up!