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 Our vision is for everyone to JOIN IN!

Jump into learning (Joignez-vous à l'apprentissage)
Open your mind (Ouvrez vos esprits)
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Neighbours working together (Ensemble on s'entraide)

Imagine the possibilities (Imaginez les possibilités)
Never give up! (N'abandonnez jamais!)

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  SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 62 (SOOKE) 3143 JACKLIN ROAD, VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA · V9B 5R1 TELEPHONE:  250-474-9800   FAX:  474-9825 WEBSITE:  WWW.SD62.BC.CA                   September 16, 2014         Dear Parents/Guardians:   Re:  Update on Teacher Job Action   As you are likely aware, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) reached a tentative agreement early this morning.  This welcome news brings us much closer to having students return to school!   The next steps include ratification of the agreement by the two parties.  Teachers will be voting this Thursday across the province, while Boards of Education ar

We are on duty!

Hello everyone, Some of you have noticed that Ms. Laidlaw and myself are on duty in the morning and at recess, thanks for your support.  At recess we have members from the board office coming to make sure that all the play areas are covered and we have the correct number of supervisors outside.  The lunch hour continues to be supervised by our wonderful CUPE staff who have been supervising the students all year.  We continue to ensure that students are safe at Poirier.  We really appreciate the respect and support that parents have given us at Poirier.  Thanks.

Sunscreen and Sun Hats!

The sun is blazing on Poirier.  Please try and send your child to school with hat and sunscreen.  We also have Freezies for sale on Thursday as a fund raiser for our Salmon container. 

Talent show May 15

Poirier Panthers are very excited about the talent show.  Students will be singing and dancing.  It is amazing the amount of talent in this school.  We also have a French play that will be produced this month.  There are many field trips.  I have tried to keep the calendar on this web site with the many events.  Please check your child's back pack for notes and updates too.  Enjoy the spring.

Pit Cooking

Journey has built a pit in their backyard for our students to learn about Pit cooking.  This is a traditional way of cooking various foods.  A small pit is dug and outlined with rocks.  A fire is built on top of the rocks.  The rocks get heated up and then food is placed in the hot rocks to cook.  Also an open pit has been built to cook salmon over.  Our students have been able to partake in the process and the feast.  We will have two more sessions in May.  A huge thanks to Journey and Charlene, our First Nations resource worker for creating this amazing opportunity for our students.   

Did you know that 8 staff members at Poirier are taking their Masters together?  They have been sharing articles and information with the staff about some of the most recent and important studies regarding education.  The enthusiasm and excitement at our school because of these conversations is reflected everyday in the many activities.  I hope this format is one way of helping you realize the many events that occur at Poirier to make your childs learning fun and playful.  This week we have the floor hockey, swimming for grade two's, cross-country and a play.  All in one week!  Thanks for supporting our great staff and your students.

Jiving Jump rope

We had a fabulous jump rope for heart event on Friday.  The grade two swim program is fantastic.  Our choir is singing and preparing for Earth day.  The floor hockey tournament is taking place during lunch hour and rugby has started.  Spring is here and so are the many activities at Poirier. Our PAC is moving forward with the nature playground program and we are really excited about the new ideas generated.  Stay tuned!

April 11 is Jump Rope for Heart

It has been super fun and exciting watching students learn how to jump rope.  Students are trying double dutch and jumping in and out out of a turning rope.  We also have a few students who want to try our rugby team.  We will have five practices to introduce students to this sport.  Also we have a floor hockey tournament on the 22nd and intramural floor hockey.  We have cross country running practices and our Earth day play.  Poirier is an amazing school and students have many opportunities to learn both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. All of these activities are supported by PAC and require teachers to volunteer!. Please make an effort to thank our active staff who put the time in to make our school so wonderful and join our PAC to keep these activities going.


April is going to be a busy and exciting month.  We are going to have meeting with facitlies about a Nature Playground.  This is a project that has been happening at Poirier with the teachers and PAC.  We hope that we can make some changes at Poirier to make the playground more useful.  I know that many of you have volunteered to help so as soon as we have approval we will be contacting you!  April is super busy with the talent show tryouts and practices, floor hockey, cross country and track and field.  So please make sure your child gets to bed early!  And check out the calendar!

School Calendar - please check

The draft for next years school calendar has been e-mailed to everyone please take a look and send your comments.  There are two calendars proposed.  Teachers will be contacting parents to set up "Show what you know" times in their classrooms.  Please contact your teacher directly if you require an individual meeting.  Hope everyone has a sunny weekend.