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 Our vision is for everyone to JOIN IN!

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Principal's Blog

Winter Holiday is here

Hello It is the end of 2014 and what an interesting year.  The choir is practicing and classes are practicing for the upcoming concerts.  We hope everyone will be able to attend one of the 5 holiday concerts we are putting on at Poirier.  Also December is the food bank month and we hope that families will be able to donate non- perishable items to the food bank.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. 

Final week for change for Diabetes

This is the last week for change for Diabetes.  The class that raises the most change wins a free pizza lunch.  The competition was close last year and it looks like this year it will be similar.  We will also be handing out prizes for Read with me to the grades 3-5 this week.  This time of year is a time for celebration of learning.  A huge thanks to all the families that joined us for the show what you know.  Great to see everyone.

Christmas dates December 17 and 18

We are having a holiday concert this year.  The English concerts will be December 17 at 1:30 an 6:30 and the French concerts will be the next day at the same time.  We had a lovely Remembrance day ceremony and thank Ms. Ridewood's class and all the many classes that sang for us.  Please contact your teacher to set up a meeting if you are wondering how your child is doing at school.  We are working hard to make sure that students take responsibility for their own learning.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

November 10-14

 Monday is our Remembrance day assembly at 11 am in the gym.  Please join us if you are able. Tuesday is Remembrance day. Please help your family understand the importance of honouring the people who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Wednesday and Thursday are regular school days. Friday the Kindergarten and 1-3's (300 students) will be bussed to John Stubbs for Charlotte Diamond.  This is thanks to the Canadian Parents for French.  Also we are looking for volunteers for knitting and the "kiss and go"

WITS and Halloween assembly

We will have a WITS assembly for our new kindies this Wednesday.  Please ask your child about WITS and what it means.  Also Friday is our Halloween assembly.  Please send a small LED light for safety at school.  Just a reminder; no masks, blood or weapons.  We want our students to have a safe Halloween.  Please do not send Halloween candy to school, we find that most students do not respond well to sugar and school.  Thanks Stephanie

PAC meeting Monday night at 7pm

Hello We have a new executive for PAC.  I hope everyone can come to the meeting and meet the executive and discuss activities for Poirier.  Just a reminder we need you to fill out a number of forms if you are driving Poirier students.  Please check quick links.  This Friday October 24 is a PRO d and there is not school.  Thanks

We have a  busy October.  Tuesday the 14th there will be a performance about Emily Carr for the the whole school in the gym.  Don't forget picture day on the 21, the dance on the 23rd and a PRO d on the 24.  The following week will be Halloween.  I would like to say thanks to all the parents who are picking up their children at 3:00 pm.  It has made a huge improvement with the busses and cars.  I have had very positive feedback from parents who can now find parking and feel safer.  Thanks everyone.  Pokemon cards are very popular and very expensive.  We are unable to stop children from trading or giving cards away.  Students have had cards go missing and are not always sure who they were playing with at the time.  We strongly encourage your children to keep their cards at home.  With that being said, on these rainy days, we would appreciate if your child could bring a game to share at recess as we do have indoor recesses when it is extreme


Hello everyone, We are off to a great start of the year.  I just want to give everyone a heads up about LICE.  I have attached a letter from the heatlh nurse to help people understand the new approach.  This is not considered a health issue and does not require a child to be sent home or stay home if they have LICE.  Yes, it is very annoying and  work to get rid of the critters.  Last year it was the cycle for lice.  We are hoping that this year we will not have a problem.  With that being said, it is important that every parent checks their childs head regularly.  If we all check our own children and keep on top of the situatioon we should not have a problem with the critters.  I attached the letter to the autodialer.  Thanks everyone.  Stephanie

Great PAC meeting and...

Thanks everyone who came out to the PAC meeting.  It was a really great meeting.  We voted in a new executive.  A big thanks to the team from last year and Kristy the past president who put up with my million questions.  We now have a number of new parents who came to the meeting and had many thoughtful questions.  Hopefully they can be answered on the PAC facebook page.  The beginning of the year has been relatively smooth.  I hope everyone is feeling supported with their new teachers.  Below is some information given to me by one of our local Principals.  I hope you find it helpful.  I will be providing information on lice, snacks and Halloween over the next couple of weeks.  Thanks again to everyone for you patience.  Stephanie Transitional Anxiety…Helping your child adjust to their new classroom… One of the primary characteristics of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is difficulty processing change. The uncertainty of a new path g

Kindie schedule this week

Hello New Kindies! Welcome to Ecole Poirier!  Here is your schedule for next Thursday and Friday. If your last name starts with A through L you will attend Thursday morning September 25 from 8:50-12:20.  (am) If your last name starts with M through Z you will attend Thursday afternoon September 25 from 1:15-2:45 (pm) Please join us in the gym at the starting times to meet your teacher.  We will not be releasing the names of the teachers until this time as classes make up may change due to school configuration.  Please understand that these are extenuating circumstances and we are doing our best. On Friday, September 26th all kindergarten students are to attend in the morning, 8:50-12:20. On Monday September 29th students will attend from 8:50-2:45.  It will be a regular school week.  Please send them with snacks and water. The new bus schedule is posted on sd62.bc.ca   Please e-mail me at ssmith@sd62.bc.ca if you have any questions or concerns.  I will do my