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Poirier's News Flash
News thumbnail Earth day Play April 25
Come and watch our Earth day play!  Friday April 25th at 1:30! 
Published: 4/6/2014
News thumbnail Clothing drive April 27
Spring Cleaning?  Poirier can help you!  We are having a clothing drive on April 27 from 10-11:30.  You will be supporting diabetes and our students.  Just bring your slightly used clothes to Poirier in a bag on April 27!
Published: 3/30/2014
News thumbnail Check out our new choir blog!
We have a new choir blog to help keep you informed.  Please check it out under Quick links or Join in here and choir. 
Published: 3/30/2014
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Principal's Blog

Did you know that 8 staff members at Poirier are taking their Masters together?  They have been sharing articles and information with the staff about some of the most recent and important studies regarding education.  The enthusiasm and excitement at our school because of these conversations is reflected everyday in the many activities.  I hope this format is one way of helping you realize the many events that occur at Poirier to make your childs learning fun and playful.  This week we have the floor hockey, swimming for grade two's, cross-country and a play.  All in one week!  Thanks for supporting our great staff and your students.

Jiving Jump rope

We had a fabulous jump rope for heart event on Friday.  The grade two swim program is fantastic.  Our choir is singing and preparing for Earth day.  The floor hockey tournament is taking place during lunch hour and rugby has started.  Spring is here and so are the many activities at Poirier. Our PAC is moving forward with the nature playground program and we are really excited about the new ideas generated.  Stay tuned!

April 11 is Jump Rope for Heart

It has been super fun and exciting watching students learn how to jump rope.  Students are trying double dutch and jumping in and out out of a turning rope.  We also have a few students who want to try our rugby team.  We will have five practices to introduce students to this sport.  Also we have a floor hockey tournament on the 22nd and intramural floor hockey.  We have cross country running practices and our Earth day play.  Poirier is an amazing school and students have many opportunities to learn both inside the classroom and outside the classroom. All of these activities are supported by PAC and require teachers to volunteer!. Please make an effort to thank our active staff who put the time in to make our school so wonderful and join our PAC to keep these activities going.


April is going to be a busy and exciting month.  We are going to have meeting with facitlies about a Nature Playground.  This is a project that has been happening at Poirier with the teachers and PAC.  We hope that we can make some changes at Poirier to make the playground more useful.  I know that many of you have volunteered to help so as soon as we have approval we will be contacting you!  April is super busy with the talent show tryouts and practices, floor hockey, cross country and track and field.  So please make sure your child gets to bed early!  And check out the calendar!

School Calendar - please check

The draft for next years school calendar has been e-mailed to everyone please take a look and send your comments.  There are two calendars proposed.  Teachers will be contacting parents to set up "Show what you know" times in their classrooms.  Please contact your teacher directly if you require an individual meeting.  Hope everyone has a sunny weekend.

New Curriculum

I have had a number of parents wanting to talk about the new curriculum.  It is very innovative and liberating for students and teachers.  The following link is an excellent resource and clarifies the new direction for education.  www.curriculum.gov.bc.ca. Just a reminder we have a PAC meeting this Tuesday the 25th at 7pm.  We really appreciated everyones help at the dance.  It was a great success.  The new road will be open as soon as the weather clears and they can paint the curb red.  As you know it will be a one way street out of Poirier.  I am really hoping this will improve the parking and traffic before and after school.  I really appreciate everyone's patience with this difficult situation.  I look forward to the new road opening and will keep you posted.  I have also requested that the potholes be filled in the lower parking lot.  The PAC is great place to work together to improve Poirier and the proactive team on PAC is really

The Dance is coming up!

Hello everyone! We have had a lovely valentines day!  The students sang songs, had parties and some classes went swimming.  We have the dance coming up this Thursday, February the 20th.  It is extremely important that all parents attend with their children.  Parents are the supervisors.  We also cannot have students outside during the dance as this is a safety issue.  Another safety issue is parking.  Please do not park in the fire lane in front of the school.  If anything happened we need that area clear.  Hopefully, the weather will be nice and people can park further away. We are looking forward to a fun, safe dance. 

Need Volunteers

We received funding for Breakfast for Learning!  We need a volunteer or two to help us with this program.  It is a very flexible program and we hope it, will be run one day a week.  The money is to be used to provide food for all students.  We have a number of students who would love to help the volunteers.  So if you come to the school in the morning to drop your child off and think you could spend a few minutes organizing food for students  or perhaps you would prefer to just buy the supplies on a shopping trip.  Please e-mail me, ssmith@sd62.bc.ca if this opportunity appeals to you.   The PAC also requires a few volunteers for events and our HOT LUNCH program.  If we want Poirier to continue to be the amazing an hour or two hours of your time this year would help tremendously.   A huge thanks to all the volunteers who work so hard to make Poirier the great place it is for our students.   

It is the end of January and the beginning of kindergarten registration! Please remember Monday will be busy in the office and in the parking lot.  We have lots of events coming up with Literacy day and Carnaval day.  I believe parents may want to purchase sugar cubes as soon as possible for Carnaval day.  Also this PAC meeting is a great one to JOIN IN as we continue to get updates on the Nature playground.  We also have a PAC dance coming up on the 20th and any volunteers would be welcome.  Some of the fundraising for this event will go to the playground.  If you have any extra tennis balls or old hockey sticks or old trucks the school would really appreciate your donations. 

January News!

There is a PAC meeting on Tuesday the 28th.  Literacy day and Kindergarten registration are on the calendar for this month.  Also as many of you have heard there is a new curriculum emerging and teachers are in the process of starting to initiate new ways of teaching.  There will be a shift towards enabling your child to take more responsibility for how and what they learn.  It is an exciting time.   I am really excited as I was selected to be part of Sooke school districts visioning process.  This will be a four month process. I will keep you informed about the process. I hope everyone has had a chance to check out our pictures in the front hallway.  It also has a calendar to help keep everyone informed about all the events at Poirier.  Poirier is the place to JOIN IN!